Saturday Night OOTD

February 25th 2012

Cocktails/Dancing/Karaoke Night  :)

Blazer :       H&M

Dress:         Bebe

Clutch:      2b Bebe

Earrings:  2b Bebe

And rocked the Citrus Green polish. It’s a cheap brand (Pure Ice) so it chipped after one day. BOO!! But the hue is perfectly loud & bright. Love it!

Didn’t have the time to vlog OOTD. Oh well. There’s always next time. :)

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Catching Up

February 9th 2012

I organized a get together with my old friends from College. The last time I’ve seen  these guys was probably during our Graduation. As much as I hate Facebook  I am quite grateful  for its existence because it made this day possible.

We originally just planned on having dinner but we realized that our mini reunion deserved better. lol. So we had a few drinks at the bar after. Which I was very glad that we did cuz it was quite the entertainment.

We are definitely going to try to do this again.

The Fashion Designers: Eddie, moi, Natalia & Martin

Both dudes are straight. FYI. lol!!

Martin is planning on moving to California soon (Aww! sobs).  Seriously this dude is a nomad. For the last 6 years this guy has lived in Detroit, Chicago & Orlando. I don’t think I can ever be that bold. He’s constantly testing the waters. I think this guy just gets bored easily. LOL! But he is a good guy.

We had sushi at Noble Fish in downtown Clawson, Michigan. Great hole-in-the-wall-ish sushi bar. Very small place but makes the best sushi in the Metro Detroit area.