Holiday Night Out

December 20th, 2011. Tuesday.

Ryan (my boyfriend) and I went to downtown Detroit. We  went to HardRock Cafe to have dinner. It was actually my first time eating there, and of all things on the menu I decided to order from their “Legendary Burger” menu.  Dun Dun Dun..

I am all about healthy lifestyle and fitness and here I am unbashfully ordering burger and fries. Prior to this dinner I honestly only had one burger in the whole year of 2011 and it was because I was trying not to be rude at a friend’s summer BBQ. But since we were at HardRock Cafe and not McDonald’s, WHY NOT?? It’s a $13 burger for Pete’s sake! and USDA certified Angus Beef. lol.

I ended up getting the California Burger and My Oh My! was that the best burger I’ve ever had in my life. It had guacamole and cucumbers in it and I was just savoring that every bite. It was OMG good!

So here’s that infamous platter of goodness:

and here’s my shameless self:

Ryan studying the menu:

The food there was really good. My waistband was crying. I was that full!

And after we ate, we walked around the building , took a few pictures (the camwhore that I am) cuz I saw this cute little Christmas backdrop. But prior to taking pictures I had a little meltdown cuz I realized that the camera battery was completely drained. I was pissed. LOL! Seriously I was.

So I  was forced to settle with shitty grainy iPhone pictures:

Awww! How cute are those bears??  I wanted to steal it. tehee.

Enough of that. After the walking around, we left to go to the main event of our night which was to go ICE SKATING!!! I was seriously like a little kid. It’s been probably 5 years since the last time I put an ice skates on.

here’s me at home testing my skates before we left for downtown (they’re hockey skates actually). A bit too excited. lol.

Campus Martius is Detroit’s version of New York’s Rockefeller Center ice rink. The park looks really pretty at night with all that lights and huge Christmas tree.

Here’s a bird’s eyeview of Campus Martius at night:

(photo from Campus Martius Park FB page)

and here’s garbage shots that we took from my iPhone (Damn you! Battery!):

Excited Moi! :

Ryan & I:

Yeah! I think my shitty phone pics did not give the amazing scenery an ounce of justice or whatsoever. It’s quite sad. So I guess I might have to go back there again and capture better shots.

Overall though, I had an amazing time. That’s what matters most. ‘Tis the season to be spending time with your significant other and family.


p.s. We took a video and again pardon the phone camera quality.

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